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Vertical Sump Pumps are used in applications where the liquid to be pumped cannot be primed or a conventional priming arrangement is not fail-proof. The extended shaft in these pumps drives the impeller, the liquid is pumped out through the delivery pipe. The pumps are manufactured in materials like Cast Steel, SS-316, Alloy-20 and its combinations and upto a maximum depth of immersion of 3.5 meters.

These pumps are used in applications like effluent pumping, transfer of Sulfuric acid etc.

These pumps are supplied with closed or semi-open impeller, depending on the application

Vertical Sump Pumps

Tech Specifications
  • Capacity up to 300 m3 hr
  • Head range up to 45m.
  • Flange to different standards to suit customer requirements.
  • Fitted with closed/ semi open impeller
  • Better operational comfort at 1440 RPM
  • Offered in metallic series only.
Salient Features
  • No Priming is required.
  • Automatic START and STOP is possible.
  • Amply designed shaft is provided with adequate bearing support to maintain vibration free operation.
  • No Gland leakage and spilling of liquid, hence no environmental hazards.
  • The pump can be mounted on top of the tank.
  • When ever pump is to handle molten liquids, special jacketing is provided on the column and delivery pipe. Steam is to be circulated through these jackets for preheating of the pump before starting.

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