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Cantilever Shaft Pump finds its application wherever high reliability, low maintenance are demanded. Cantilever Shaft Pump differs substantially from the regular Sump Pump.

To offer solutions to the difficult applications to the customers is indeed a professional challenge to us irrespective of the numbers involved. We have developed, manufactured and supplied pumps to customers including Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India.

A Cantilever Shaft Pump has bearings to support, and an overhung shaft that extends to the sump or tank. These bearings are mounted outside the liquid level so that they are never expressed to the pumping fluid.

As there are no submerged bearings, the pump can handle slurries, clear liquids and high temperature liquids without any need for flushing or sealing.

The pump can run dry without any bad effects or damage.

The Vertical Cantilever Shaft Pump requires no seals or packing when used in the open sump.

When used in the closed tank with hazardous liquids packing is used to prevent the fumes coming out.

The Vertical Cantilever Shaft Pump is designed to operate much below the critical speed as the sump depth increases the shaft diameter also increases. We guarantee the maximum deflection at the impeller side is less than 50 microns.

We prefer to operate the Vertical Cantilever Shaft Pump at 1440 RPM with the maximum depth of 1m. The tanks of higher depth can be emptied by having a tail pipe attached to the suction port.

These pumps can be used wherever automatic switching ON/OFF is required.

Each Vertical Cantilever shaft pump is designed to suit the particular application


Technical Specifications

  • Head of up to 40 MLC.
  • Capacity ranging from 3m³/hr to 450 m³/hr.
  • Operating temperature based on the material.
  • Offered in closed/ semi open impeller.
  • Offered in 1440 only.
  • Offered in metallic & non metallic series.
Salient Features
  • Shaft deflection at the pump side is less than 30 Microns.
  • High reliability, rugged construction and low maintenance.
  • Automatic switching is possible.
  • No Bearing on the pump side.
  • Low noise and vibration levels.
  • For sumps of higher depths suitable tail pipes are provided.
  • Used in critical applications where routine maintenance is not possible.







  • Handling hazardous fluids and slurries.
  • Highly corrosive chemicals
  • Molten salts
  • High temperature liquids
  • Molten metals

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